Ghana is building the largest seaport in West Africa, Should Nigeria be worried?

Ghana is building a new Sea Port. The Tema Port will officially become the largest in terms of capacity in West and Central Africa once the phase 1 of the MPS Terminal 3 has been completed.
Nigerian Government should be worried about this.

The Tema Port will not only have the largest capacity in West Africa, but also in Central Africa region. Only the Phase 1 will become the largest. What happens when the Phase 2 and 3 is completed…imagine that!

According to experts the Tema Seaport aims to target the Refineries in Lagos and Niger Republic, for transportation of oil barges and ships for stakeholders. They also want to leverage on the AfTA free trade agreement to harness importers and exporters in Nigeria as the most populous country in Africa.
The Sea ports in Cotonou and Togo, are already competitively affecting the economy of Nigeria, at least this is one of the reasons General Buhari refused to honour the terms of AfTA treaty and closed our borders.

Closing Nigerian borders is not the way to compete in a free market economy. Nigerian government must build more Seaports. The Seaports in Calabar, Abonema, Eket and dredge the River Niger. Either this, or we will keep closing our international borders which has never favored any country. International communities use embargo as punishment; so its self punishment for a country to close her own boarders as a tool of economic competition.

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