Reno Omokri’s obsession with women, vagina and virginity

Reno Omokri, the media aide of former president, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan seems to be obsessed with women, the vagina and virginity he spends his time thinking about it 65% of his tweets and the reason he trends online is related to women, vagina and virginity.

Above is one of Reno’s tweets where he specifically tweeted that the only way to get respect from your husband is by being a virgin.

As a woman in the year 2020 no man will respect you based on the state of your vagina!
You will only be given respect based on your character and intellectual capacity.

So if you want to be respected get an education, learn a skill and be independent.
A man who will disrespect a woman will do so, the fact that your hymen is intact won’t make a devilish man become an angel all of a sudden.

So Reno, what should a man do so that his wife will worship him!?
Keep his virginity!?

Reno who had vehemently spoken up against tithing in the past saying that tithing is part of the Mosaic law and through Jesus Christ we now live under grace is now quoting part of the Mosaic law to support his argument on chastity and virginity.

Is Bride price a Christian tradition?

Our fore fathers have been collecting bride price before the white man came here with a Bible, if a woman was no longer interested in a marriage the bride price is returned and the woman is free to marry another man who is willing to pay the bride. A divorced woman is not a virgin now is she?

The hymen is just like every other part of the body, it’s no password as there’s no software installed in the vagina.

That the hymen is intact does not mean that a woman is virtuous or has a good character, a woman is more than her hymen.

There is nothing satanic about falling in love and acting on it by giving your body to someone that you find worthy of it and one will wonder why the discourse on chastity and virginity by Reno revolves around women can’t men be chaste too? Can’t a man keep his virginity for his wife so that he will be respected by her?

For curiosity sake, I’d like to find out if Reno married as a virgin, did he keep his virginity till his wedding night?

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