J.J Rawlings’ side chick goes public with their relationship after his demise, shares romantic photos they took together

Nathalie Yamb, the lady who has been described as J.J. Rawlings’ side chick and baby mama has gone public with their relationship after his demise.

Still mourning her soulmate, Yamb posted a new video of her and Rawlings in happy times but a Ghanaian who seemed offended went at Yamb and even compared her to his wife, Nana Konadu.

This follows a tribute to the former president she shared on social media suggesting a special relationship between them.

In a series of posts Yamb who described Rawlings as her soulmate expressed her love for the former president while lamenting how difficult life was going to be without him.

A day after the tribute posts, Yamb has shared another video of her and Rawlings at a ceremony captioning:

“Mentor. Friend. Inspiration. My twin. The most transformative leader Africa ever had. We are going to ensure your legacy lives forever. .”

The new post from Yamb triggered a lot of reactions from people on social media and some of them happen to be Ghanaians.

One lady with the Instagram handle @a_adamoah commented under the post that Ghanaians love Yamb.

But another account, @shopping_mallgh, which seemed to disagree replied @a_adamoah that

It is unconfirmed how intimate the relationship Yam and Rawlings was, they both had a son together who is now a full grown man and about the same age with Rawlings’ son.

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