Journalist, Okenyi Kenechi arrested after exposing alleged falsification of age by Rivers State CP, Joseph Mukan

Port-Harcourt based Journalist, Okenyi Kenechi has been arrested by the Rivers State Commissioner of Police for publishing an article in which he exposed the alleged age falsification of Joseph Gobun Mukan, the State Police commissioner.

According to an article published by Okenyi on Portcity News, Commissioner Joseph Mukan is supposed to have retired statutorily because of age, but went ahead to falsify it, claiming to be born in 1962.

A copy of Mukan’s international passport was also published showing that Mukan was born in 1960 not 1962.

Okenyi was picked up by some unknown policemen from his residence in Port Harcourt and taken to an unknown location.

He was later released based on self recognition.

“I was arrested on the orders of the commissioner of police, Rivers State at 3:12 pm and held until few minutes to midnight… Released on what the police termed self recognition” Okenyi wrote on facebook.

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