Journalist narrates how she was given a brown envelope filled with dollars by a politician in Kano State

Harugumi Rozabella Uhuru Mutasa, a journalist working with Aljazeera has narrated how a journalist in Nigeria gave her a brown envelope filled with US dollars.

According to Mutasa, the incident happened in Kano State, she said she returned the envelope back and gave excuses why she couldn’t accept it.

Recall that the current governor of Kano State, Abdullahi Ganduje was caught on camera receiving bundles of hundred dollar bills from a contractor as kick backs in 2018.

“Working in Nigeria. In Kano. We interviewed someone very important. First time I was given the brown envelope. I opened it. Saw the US dollars, gave it back. Gave some excuse why I can’t accept the money. It’s happened more times in Nigeria, it’s normal there.” Mutasa wrote.

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