Aproko Doctor sparks abortion debate with comedy skit

Nigerian medical expert and comedian, Nonso Bobby Egemba, better known as Aproko Doctor, has sparked controversy on Twitter after he made a skit that discouraged women from abortion.

The social media figure, who often gives out medical nuggets on the microblogging platform, had released a clip where he played a native doctor whom a lady seeking to get rid of her premarital pregnancy paid a visit.

In the skit, Aproko Doctor begins by speaking Igbo proverbs before the lady, who starred as Cecilia, came in, admitting she didn’t use contraceptives but drank concoctions to wash the sperms out of herself.

The video, however, took a comic twist after the spiritualist procured prescription drugs, asking the pregnant lady to go for antenatal, prepare for childbirth, and invite him when the infant is born.

“A child can play with his mother’s breast but not his father’s testicles. Don’t you know using sprite and salt to prevent pregnancy is like cleaning your kitchen when your palour is dirty?,” Egemba asked.

Shortly after the video was put out, some users took to Twitter to air their different reactions.

While a segment of users condemn his failure to suggest a safe alternative others commended his humour.

“Why does Aproko doctor think he has the right to tell a woman what to do with her body? She came to the shrine looking for an abortion but he was so biased. Would he help take care of the child when it’s born??? A lot of Nigerian doctors are this way. Tueh! So disgusting to see,” a user said.

Another user, however, wrote: “Aproko Doctor skit is the best ve watch this year. To those, who are triggered by his post event counselling. You are so daft & immoral. He practices & educates in a country with no legal backup for abortion, if he prescribes aborting pill, he would be going against the law”

Below are some of the mixed reactions:

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