Regina Daniels & co-wives party hard at their children’s birthday party

Regina Daniels seems to be enjoying the company of her co-wives since she joined the large family last year.

The Nollywood actress and her older co-wives were spotted dancing excitedly at their son and daughter’s birthday.

Maya Naya-Nwoko, daughter daughter of Ned Nwoko’s Moroccan wife, Laila, clocked 8,  while her older half brother, Mabrook Nwoko turned 11 yesterday, August 30.

Their billionaire father threw an in-house birthday party for them and their moms, and Regina Daniels and the other wives were seen in videos dancing together at the party.

In one of the videos, Laila could be heard calling out Regina Daniels to join her in a selfie video which she quickly did and they ‘vibed’ together.

Other videos captured moment they danced around a chair to know who sits on the chair once the DJ abruptly stops the music, of course Regina won.

While Regina and Laila are the most popular wives of Ned Nwoko, the politician and businessman is reported to have six wives in total.

Watch videos below.

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