#BBNaija: Lucy is not a creative person, she’s difficult to work with- Kiddwaya

During the diary section in the BBNaija house Kiddwaya said he is happy it’s Friday and looking forward to Sunday. He was a bit apathetic during most task this week cos he has been paired with Lucy for most of the task this week. Lucy isn’t creative enough and he is a very creative person.

During the Pepsi challange, he said that he didn’t see it coming that he was going to get paired with Lucy.

He couldn’t Vibe with her during the DJ Cuppy’s song – He likes her food etc but he doesn’t like being paired with her.

~ The question of the sponsored tasks this week…

He said he loves the indomie task. Wathoni was easy to work with. He loves cooking.
The Kuda task – He was happy he was paired with Vee and Erica.

~ The question about their wager task yesterday…

The horse in his painting, represents his dad as a leader. He said his painting was a good representation of his Dad. He approached the wager task with caution and Maturity. He would need to create a movie to be able to give a full representation of his Dad. The stories made him understand the housemates a bit better now and where they come from. He is proud of the housemates.

~ The question of whether she think any housemates story was a bit exaggerated to Garner sympathy….

He said he is in no position to question anyone’s story. He doesn’t know them to discredit their stories. They are all on National TV. He doesn’t think anyone over-exaggerrated their stories.

~ The question of how the housemates coped with the hot water issue…

He said he didn’t have any issue with the cold water. He loves bathing with cold water cos it helps the muscle. People complained for a day or two and got used to it. The housemate were happy when the hot water came back but he was indifferent.

Lastly, he asked biggie to tell his dad he loves him. Biggie told him to tell him himself. He gave a shout out to his Dad – his role model.

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