”This one that is getting fu**** in the ass for German Citizenship” – Bashir Elrufai throws homophobic slurs at El-Nathan John

Elnathan John, 38 year old Nigerian novelist, satirist and lawyer whose stories have twice been shortlisted for the Caine Prize for African Writing has been verbally attacked by Bashir El Rufai, son of Kaduna State governor.

Bashir El-Rufai slammed the Nigerian writer, Elnathan John for attacking his father, Governor El-Rufai, Elnathan had taken to his Twitter handle on Tuesday, August 17, to slam Governor El-Rufai, describing him as a dangerous person following the inability of his government to stop incessant attacks and killings by bandits in Southern Kaduna

Nasir Elrufai is a dangerous dangerous individual. He is someone any right thinking person should be afraid of. Not just his murderous words and tendencies. But his straightfaced revision of facts and outright lies. It is unfortunate how many people he has as contractors.

The havoc he is wreaking in Kaduna will take decades to undo if it is even possible. Yes there are no saints on any side. But he is decidedly making things worse. He has taken sides. And is irresponsible and temperamental in a place that sorely needs a level headed negotiatior.” ElNathan tweeted

This one that is getting fu**** in the ass for German Citizenship does not believe he is a threat to decency & respectability, it’s Nasir El-Rufai. Lmaoooooo.” Bashir Elrufai Tweeted

His brother Bello El-Rufai applauded him telling him that he was proud of him, Bello El Rufai was also in the news few months ago for threatening to rape a man’s mother for criticizing his father.

It is no surprise that Bashir threw homophobic slurs at El-Nathan John after he criticized his father as this is not the first time that someone is using such slurs on the writer.

In September German based Nigerian journalist and Emmy Award Nominee , Ruona J Meyer also threw homophobic slurs at El-Nathan by calling him a DICK REFUGEE when El-Nathan tweeted his displeasure at writers who gathered at ‘Kabafest’ a writing festival sponsored by the Elrufais despite the government’s role in the Kaduna killings.

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