Nigerian lawyers withdraw from NBA conference as El-Ruffai is listed as one of the speakers despite Southern Kaduna killings

Nigerian lawyers have revolted the choosing of Governor El Rufai of Kaduna State as one of the key not speakers at the Nigerian Bar Association conference by withdrawing their attendance.

The revolting lawyers have accused the leadership of the NBA of being morally bankrupt and insensitive as despite the killing in Southern Kaduna which has gone on without any serious intervention by the government at both state and federal level , the NBA leaders still thought it wise to appoint the governor as one of the speakers.

Under Elrufai’s watch as governor, his leadership has been known for a record of high handedness, zero tolerance for opposition and every form of criticism, his marginalization and suppression of the Southern Kaduna people and his open display of hate-induced bias against them, his atrocious threat to return election observers to their countries in body bags, his open admission to tracing the killer herdsmen butchering his people and paying them huge cash rather than prosecuting them.

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