100L UNICAL Student Commited suicide few days ago after being scammed of her school fees

Bako Veronica, a 100L student in the department of History and International Relations, University of Calabar. From series of reports and investigations, the deceased woke up yesterday morning and coming online, someone chatted her up about an online investment that would give her double of what see would invest, with much persuadence she decided to make a transfer of N100,000 which happened to be her school fees which she was yet to pay before the pademic, so later on she discovered it was fake which made her to be restless.

It was around that 10AM, her sisters in the house noticed she hasn’t been fine, they asked but she said she was okay, so her mum said if she’s truly okay, she should pick a bike to the market and buy some items for her. She drafted the list, but she said she wanted to bath before going, so on reaching the bathroom, she took sniper. While her relatives were inside the room, she struggled and fell outside the bathroom so one of the neighbors who saw her on the ground started shouting, her parents on hearing the loud sound outside, hurriedly went outside only to find their daughter lying on the ground, so they asked her what her what the problem was, she managed to say that she took sniper.

Before she past on, she left a text to the scammer, that if she dies, her blood is on the his/her head.

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