#BBNaija: Ozo is Killing his own game – By Lighthouse Beacon

There seems to be a love triangle existing between three contestants in the #bbnaijalockdown.

Ozo is currently entangled in a ‘situationship’ with two female housemates, Dorathy and Nengi, popular Big Brother Naija analyst who is known on facebook as Lighthouse Beacon has a lot say about this love triangle, according to her, Ozo is killing his own game and and it could cost him.

Read her post below

First he goes along with Dorathy, eats with her, brings food for her, tells everyone that is within ear-shot that she’s the first person to him in the house and he won’t put anyone above her.

Then he keeps talking about Nengi being his “physical” spec.

He goes in front of Nengi and others to keep mentioning that him and Dora are as close as can be and he so loves Dorathy’s vibes.

Day before yesterday,Nengi and the HMs put him in a corner to mention the ladies on his list if he’s looking towards a relationship, but he kept saying “you know I said from day one that you are my spec but I vibe with Dorathy, I’m close with Dorathy, Dorathy is amazing bla bla bla”.

Yesterday he played a Prank on Dora, telling her he won’t be bedding with her anymore because Biggie called on him and told him to Move in with Nengi in the HOH lounge, and Dora took it badly.

When she found out it was a prank, she was embittered and warned Ozo about trying to pit her against Nengi.

She had a full session with him, where she poured out her mind, told him she’s fed up of the friendship because it seems she is in the middle of some situationship(tweeps are calling it Entanglement). She says she’s noticed the HMs are shipping him with Nengi and he doesn’t seem to mind and in fact fans the flames, yet he comes spending time with her, eating, sleeping playing…that very soon she would have to take herself out of the mess.

Ozor acted hundred percent oblivious…pretended like he couldn’t understand what she meant, beat about the bush…did not say anything concrete, till she kicked him out of her side.

Then he made a beeline to the garden where Nengi was, where they indulged in a long conversation about nothing leading to Ozo saying he doesn’t like Nengi, he fancies her, she should not say like, because things have to be taken slow, he takes his time, he needs to crawl before he runs, and some player type sh*t like that.

Remembering the “I’m in a hurry” chyking tactic he claimed he uses on girl’s, that never failed him, it’s clear that Ozo is the master of mind games. He wants to string two women along and remain the center of attention without committing himself in any way.

Remembering that he claims he has never been in a relationship, it’s clear he knows how to enter situationships and entanglements, reaping all the benefits of being in a relationship, without actually being in one.

Funny that he sat down with Eric, pretending to be puzzled about Dorathy’s actions and Eric said to him clearly “the babe don like you, and she feel say you don dey like another person,and she go dey think say you fit stop to roll with am, if you no like am, just clear am…the babe don fall” yet, Ozo pretended like his ears were blocked and still kept saying he is confused as to why Dora is threatening an end to their friendship.

If Ozo wants something sexual/Romantic with Nengi, he should hint Dora, since he claims she is his closest pal and they vibe and share a lot between them. If he doesn’t, and only sneaks to Nengi when Dora isn’t looking, then he’s up to something nasty.

He wants to run them on shifts…Dora for the daytime and Nengi for the nighttime which is the obvious thing he would have done in the outside world, but it’s impossible in that house. He would just have to choose who to hang with because the house is too small to have a GF and a female bestie.

My fervent wish is for Nengi and Dora to leave this boy alone and fix their attention on some other guys. Let him feel what it’s like to hustle for a girl. He’s obviously used to getting attention on a platter.

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