Is Kanye West going through a mental breakdown?

All does not seem to be well with American rapper, Kanye West who is running for President

Kanye began sending out tweets at a rapid pace, naming his wife Kim Kardashian, mother-in-law Kris Jenner, rival Drake, actor Shia LaBeouf and Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour. He even made a major claim about the 2017 Jordan Peele-directed film Get Out.

Kanye said that the film ‘Get Out’ was about him, he also said at a rally in South Carolina that Harriet Tubman didn’t free any slaves but only took some slaves from working from a white owner to working for another white owner.

He, kicked off his series of tweets with screenshots from Google searches for both actors Halle Berry and Jennifer Lawrence. He followed that up with a thinking emoji and Michael Jackson’s video for his 1991 hit song “Black or White.”

Then he went on a spree about his claims that Kim and her mom Kris tried to have him “locked up.”

On Sunday he cried at his presidential rally in South Carolina.

Screenshots of Kanye’s tweets

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