90% of NDDC contracts awarded to House of Rep. Committee members – Akpabio

Akpabio accused members of the House committee on NIger Delta of being beneficiaries of 90% of contracts awarded by the NDDC.

He specifically pointed out that the two chairmen can explain better. And the members of the panel have been shoutig “order!! It is okay!!” 😂🤣😂🤣

The innocent woman on the Panel was angry that Akpabio will accuse members of the house of assembly of such crime.

Akpabio told her that she should forget about it because she doesn’t know about it. Something like “calm down mama, you don’t know what’s going on.” 🤣🤣

Now Akpabio is specifically trying to talk about the contract awarded by the NDDC (N10 Billion) to the chairman of the committee, for his LGA of Ore or so.

And the members of the committee are not having it.They’re are still shouting “order!! Honourable minister, it is okay”

Sorry, he said 60% of NDDC contracts are awarded to National Assembly members. And he specifically pointed out the Chairman and second Chairman.

The members of the panel are trying to throw Akpabio under the Bus and Akpabio is refusing to go down alone. Witty Politician 😂

This is a classic example of two Elephants fighting. The corruption that is rocking the NDDC is much deeper, involving very prominent Politicians, some of them are on the panel.

And all they have been doing is to look for a fall guy, someone to throw under the Bus.

Prof Pondei and then Akpabio Vs Nunieh drama seems to be a smokescreen.

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