Death of female combat helicopter pilot, Arotile raises suspicions as family demands for investigation

The death of combat helicopter pilot, Tolulope Arotile came to Nigerians as a huge shock and majority are still mourning the passing of the gallant female office whose brilliance and handwork was an instrument in the continuous defeat of terrorist group Boko-Haram.

The combatant pilot who was said to have died after suffering head injuries caused by an accident involving a car that was in reverse have raised suspicions with a lot of Nigerians concluding that it could be a case of homicide not an accident as the authorities have claimed.

The identity of the individual who was driving the car that hit Arotile remains unknown, no pictures from the scene of the accident was released to the media and no eye witness waa interviewed by any of the media houses, some have questioned if the accident ever took place.

“If the situation were saner, the death of 23-year old Flying Officer Tolulope Arotile will be currently undergoing scrupulous investigation to ascertain what truly happened and thus, give some modicum of respect to her untimely demise.

“Died as a result of head injuries sustained from a road traffic accident”. In a NAF base where I know speed limit is like 30/40 km/h? All sounds like uber bullshit.

At just 21, Flying Officer Arotile was commissioned into the NAF as a member of Nigerian Defence Academy Regular Course 64. She was the first ever female combat helicopter pilot in the service.

This inexplicable loss nags and just won’t go.

RIP, Patroit.” Nigerian social media commentator Sayo Aluko wrote in a Facebook post

Unconfirmed sources have also revealed that sister to the late pilot is questioning the circumstances surrounding the death of Arotile, the sister who rebealed that the pilot got a call from a senior officer before leaving for the NAF base wondered how a car in reverse could hit her sister despite the low speed limits within the military base.

UK based medical doctor, Obinna Aligweke also wrote in a Facebook post that her death raises more questions than answers

If a death has raised more questions than answers, people who cannot counter them with superior facts should at least keep quiet.

The authorities need to further educate the public on the circumstances surrounding Tolulope Arotile’s death.

1. Freak accidents happen no doubt, but authorities need to carry out an official investigation regardless, and an official statement therefrom.

2. The car which caused the death was allegedly in reverse;

a. At what speed?

There is a reason why the speed limits in most cities is 20-30 miles per hour.

You are very unlikely to kill a pedestrian in a frontal collision with that speed.

The average reverse speed is actually much less, unless the driver is indeed crazy.

b. If the driver reversed at such a speed as to cause death, why is the person not being arrested for manslaughter?

3. What is the name of this so called driver and classmate?

4. Were there witnesses to this event?

5. This happened at a high security facility. Are we saying in this day and age such facility has no CCTV?

6. A supposed combatant pilot with sharp reflexes, could not avoid a reversing car until it was able to hit her and cause fatal head injuries?

These are questions that need to be answered, more so now that her family has expressed doubts.

Stop hushing those asking logical questions.

This is already a HOMICIDE, so motive has to be definitively ruled out. Dr. Obinna wrote

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