Tesla! Ushering the world into the future

By Chinedu Nnanweuba

Tesla has overtaken Toyota as the most valued auto maker. Many people think it is based on mere market speculation.

Toyota, GM and Mercedes are stock with old infrastructure while Tesla is investing in the future.

Consider this, as of March 2020, Tesla operates 16,103 charging chargers in 1,826 stations worldwide (an average of 8.8 chargers per station); these include 908 stations in the U.S., 98 in Canada, 16 in Mexico, 520 in Europe, and 398 in the Asia/Pacific region.

My good friend Nekon James thinks GM or Toyota would buy Tesla in few years time.

Here is the thing, in the said few years time Tesla would have more cash than both companies combined.

Investors invest in the future not the past. The mighty assets of Toyota and others would become a liability in the future.

Elon Musk did something spectacular years ago. He co-founded Solar city which is one of the largest solar energy companies.

At this juncture: I recommend everyone reading this to buy and read David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell to find out why underdogs beat great and mighty Organizations.

Please I strongly recommend this book for you. Read it to understand why underdogs defeat the big hounds with infinite resources.

I wonder why Nekon thinks Musk will sell Tesla to Toyota or GM 😅. Musk is a crazy ideologue. He is not motivated by money. His life mission as he said is to build a colony in Mars and everything he is building is to help him achieve that purpose. To have a better understanding, check all the companies founded/co-founded and run by Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, Tesla, Inc, The Boring Company; Neuralink Inc; and OpenAI, check what they do and you’ll understand their uniformity in purpose.

Besides, Tesla is now bigger than Musk. He can only sell his own shares and step down as the leader. The company would not fold. The demise of Steve Jobs didn’t bring an end to Apple.

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