Arthur Eze goofed on Igbo presidency

By Ike Anthony Abaelu

Only God Can Make Igbo Man President of Nigeria: My Response to Prince Arthur Eze.

The statement made by Prince Arthur Eze did not only rubbished all the efforts organization like Ohanaeze and other prominent Igbo leaders have been making, imploring leaders of other regions of the country on the need for the major political parties in Nigeria to present candidates from South East in 2023 Presidential election but he has unconsciously given other regions who are also warming up to contest in the next presidential election especially the South West an edge over us.

However, Arthur Eze has confirmed to them that the tool which these other regions have been using against us over the years by tagging us a divided geopolitical zone can be effectively put into motion in 2023.

Therefore, based on the above blunder committee by a so-called Igbo Leader, may I ask him these few questions;

1. When MKO Abiola was denied his lawful right to occupy Aso Rock as the President of the Republic of Nigeria and was detained; were there not people from SW who worked with Abacha to undermine the general interest of Yoruba nation?

2. When the Generals decided to handover to a Democratic government and choose General Obasanjo (rtd) against the preferred choice of Yoruba; didn’t Yorubas worked against the emergence of Obasanjo?

3. When President Obasanjo was preparing to leave power in 2007 and Governor Peter Odili was favoured to succeed him but on the 11hrs hour power went back to North; was it not some politicians from South-South that betrayed Peter Odili in their quests to be chosen as Vice President?

4. While preparing the 2007 presidential election, Obasanjo handpicked late Yaradua against the choice of the North and it became a problem; during the election, Yaradua got more votes in SE and SS and his people voted for Buhari; couldn’t we had tagged it that the North hated themselves?

5. When PDP won the 2011 election the position of Speaker of the House of Representatives was zoned to SW and one Adeola from Oyo was nominated by his party PDP, but guess what happened; his own brothers and sisters from South West mobilized and funded by Bola Tinubu and they voted against their own. That was how Hon Tambuwal emerged as the speaker. Couldn’t we have tagged the South West as divided people that hated themselves?

6. I know Arthur Eze is a businessman with a huge interest in the Oil and Gas sector to protect but should it had been at the expense of the collective interest of Ndigbo?

To produce a Nigeria President from South-East will be the easiest thing for the political class of Nigeria to do. If a sick Yaradua could be sold to Nigerians and we voted for him, and if the shoeless lecturer Jonathan could be sold to Nigerians in 2011 and they massively voted for him, I believe if they appease to the conscience of other regions they will easily buy into the agenda of supporting an Igboman to lead this country for once.

Finally, I have seen different groups of politicians especially those in the ruling party has been meeting top Igbo leaders like Rochas Okorocha, Orji Uzor Kalu etc with their intentions unknown but I know negotiations for 2023 is in motion but I will like to remind people like Arthur Eze and other men of interests to remember that ”Nke Iru ka” and ”onye ma kwanu echi”?

Onye gburu nwanne ya aburo Odogwu.

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