Man loses N13Million contract over facebook post he made two years ago criticizing Deputy Senate President, Omo Agege

According to a Facebook post made by Baale Demola Olateju a man lost contract worth 13 million Naira because of a Facebook post he made two years ago.Read full story belowA guy came to Sheraton hotels to seal a 13-million naira contract today. He was well dressed and was accompanied by a beautiful lady. He came out of one of the offices (I dunno which one) while I was going back to the office after ending the call with a client.Our eyes met and I said “good morning” to the guy and “hello” to the lady. They both responded but I could tell something was wrong.Are you alright? I asked; only as a courtesy.“No, I’m not”. He replied. “I just lost a 13-million naira contract because of a Facebook post I made about two years ago”. He concluded sobbing.I was rooted to the spot. I didn’t know what to say… I sympathized with him and asked if he could beg the man to change his stance. He said they had pleaded with him but all their pleas fell on deaf ears.*****************************************************
This guy made a post two years ago, criticizing the senator that seized the maze (Sen Omo Agege, who happens to be the deputy senate president now) during one of the many fracas that broke out at the NASS. A man came for him under that post and they had a heated argument such that they called each other names before the guy blocked the man and that was it.Fast forward to four months ago, the guy started pursuing a contract and he won it! They told him to come meet with the director today for his mobilization fee and he met the man in the office.According to him, they both didn’t recognize each other and everything seemed to be going well until the man told him his name (the guy’s) sounded familiar and started asking him who his father is. The guy went ahead and told him a lot of things about himself but the man still couldn’t place where he knew him. The guy, in a bid to impress the director more, he googled his name and his Facebook account popped up. The man clicked on it and instantly recollected the events of that fateful day and how he got blocked by guy.Long story short, he lost the contract because of that singular act😢. I felt sorry for him… honestly! Man was crying like a baby!
It doesn’t hurt to be courteous while making a point… you know?Damn😢!

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