Igbo men raise funds to save their kinsman from Pakistani business man who beat him to a pulp over unpaid debt

Okwudili Mosa(the man in white), a Nigerian man living in Pakistan had a business deal with a Pakistani man, he sold all the goods he collected from the Pakistani and used the proceeds to purchase a new car refusing to return the money back to the Pakistani business man.

The other man who signed as the guarantor was captured by the Pakistani business man and flogged mercilessly in the video below.

They Pakistan man said that they will kill him if Okwudili didn’t return the money before 10th of July 2020.

Thanks to the wonderful people from his village, they had a meeting and also contributed money to pay the debt.

The whereabout of Mr. Okwudili still remains unknown as he absconded with the goods and money belonging to the Pakistani business man.

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