Writer narrates his encounter with an underage hawker who offered sex for his kind gesture

Nigerian writer Jude Idada has shareed his experience with a hawker who offered him sex after he was generous to her.

The 13 year old hawker said that there are some men who are quite generous to her and she offers them sex so that they give her more money to enable her pay her tuition.

Full story below:

They have besieged us.

At the estate within which I stay.

These young girls.

Hawking all manner of things.

Groundnuts, African Salad, buns, peppered meat and snails.

The list goes on.

Yesterday when the rain stalled for a moment.

I rushed out to the big retail store by the estate

On my way back after purchasing my needs.

One of the girls was standing under the tree that is close to the exit gate.

Wet clothes clinging to her tiny body.

Around 13 years old tops.

From her looks.

Her arms were around her upper body.

Seeking warmth.

As she stood trembling.

Teeth chattering.

Her show glass containing her peppered meat and snails on the ground in front of her.

“Oga help me buy market.”

“I no dey eat this kind food.”

“Abeg sir, my mama go beat me if I go back house with full load.”

“She no see say rain dey fall?”

“Dat one no be my mama concern, e go say my mates wen sell market no get two head.”

“Okay, I go buy some but you go eat within I buy.”

“Ahhh. God go bless you.”

So I paid generously for 10 portions.

And she glowed with appreciation as she collected the money.

As I made to leave.

She spoke again.

Her voice lower.

And very unsure.

“If na only you dey house sir, I fit follow you.”

I looked back at her.

“Follow me for wetin.”

“Sorry sir. Make you no vex.”

And she kept quiet.

There was fear in her eyes.

I walked closer to her.

“Tell me wetin you wan say.”

“Nothing sir. Tank you for the money. God go bless you.”

I smiled.

As warmly as I could.

“Make you no fear. Tell me wetin you wan talk before.”

She looked at me for a moment.

Then bowed her head as though in remorse.


I asked again.


“You no go enter trouble. Tell me. I fit help you.”

Still she kept silent.

I spoke again.

“I go buy all your market give you the money, but if you tell me wetin you wan talk before, I fit help you even pass just buying your market.”

I could feel her hesitation.

The she sighed.

Just before she said it.

In a low tone.

Looking away from it.

“E get some men dem for hia wen dey help buy my market too, but I dey keep my load for one of my sista hand dia, follow dem, as per say dem dey wan f…k join, add money give me make I use dey put on top my money for school.”


Jude Idada
July 5, 2020

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