Royal Battle: Properties belonging to late Oniru seized, Abiodun Oniru beaten to a pulp

There’s crises brewing between children of the Late Oniru and the new Oniru, properties belonging to the sons of the former Oniru are allegedly being sealed by the new Oniru.

Abiodun Oniru was involved in a scuffle which almost degenerated to violence yesterday after he attacked a prince who was on an errand for the new Oniru Gbolahon Lawal (Abisogun II)

The new Oniru had instructed a team to catalogue and document all property belonging to the Royal family in Iruland. He had also given them instructions to paste notices on all the properties once identified.

The team headed by a prince popularly called constable, was however accosted by Segun and TJ Oniru when they got to Millenium Estate.

TJ attacked ‘Constable’ who was the leader of the team team during the confrontation when he insisted he was on errand from the King and as such could not be stopped.

Constable called for backup and other palace guards turned up to protect him. A video was later released showing the said prince slapping TJ in retaliation of the attack.

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