Ikoyi Club asks members to pay subscription fee despite the club being shutdown in the last four months and yet to reopen

The Ikoyi Club came into existence as the result of the European Club and The Lagos Golf Club merging on September 29, 1938.

The club is found in Ikoyi, an affluent island suburb that surrounds half of the eastern part of Lagos Island in Nigeria and lies at the border of the Lagos Lagoon.

The club includes a diverse and select membership ranging from diplomatic corps to top business executives, from politicians and top military brass to professionals.

On average, the initiation fees are about $1,900, and the annual fees, from what we researched from fees found online, are about $700 to $1,350.

However, this fee can be higher or lower if family members are added or more activities are added to the membership.

To get into the club, prospective members have to be introduced by an existing member of the club who has been active for at least two years. According to the official homepage, there are six steps you will need to follow in order to be accepted.

One of the members of the club, Chiekezi Dozie took a swipe at the club after he recieved subscription bills from July to December despite the club being shutdown in the last four months as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Read his full post below :

‪Ikoyi Club has delivered subscription bills for July – December even when for Jan-Jun period they were closed for 4 months. ‬Talk about infuckingsensitivity!Whoever is responsible for writing that letter and allowing it to be released to members is a total fuckwit, a nincompoop and just a really lowdown human being.Totally lame letter. Not even a mention of the members who have been struck down by Covid19. Not a word on what they’ve used the subscriptions of the first 6 months to do. They even have the temerity and nerve to issue a veiled threat to members over non payment of their stupid subs. They’ve not discussed staff cuts or what they’ve done to keep staff on their payroll or if they’ve even given them any palliatives.It is on record that members of individual sections Golf particularly and squash raised monies to assist members of staff when the Club was too busy with their usual callous bullshit.I have always maintained that Ikoyi Club is a microcosm of Nigeria and the current executive need to do so much better than this shitshow that they are trying to stuff down our throats.There is no sign whether the club will be open next week, next month or even this year. What you fuckers should be discussing is how to refund subscriptions to members who request it as they’ve not used the facilities for 4 months. Instead we get this weak added bullshit from weak assed humans!!!

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