Jehova witness member who was stabbed in the stomach rejects blood transfusion (video)

According to Facebook user Graceful kelvin an unknown individual who suffered from multiple stabs after he was involved in a fight has rejected blood transfusion that could save his life.

Graceful Kelvin wrote :

Jehovah’s witness members please come here let’s talk.
Today on my way home coming back from site, I saw a group of people screaming “ Eh you don kill am” I ask my business partner to pull over the hilux. And as we rush to the scene this gentle man on this video was lying down lifeless, he was stabbed with a bottle by a guy who had a serious altercation with him at his stomach. I ask them to carry him to the hilux, and zoom to Maitama hospital Abuja after been denied by two hospitals because part of his intestine were gushing out and he has lose a lot of blood. He was resuscitated back to life and treated and about 1 hour later he woke up. And we were all happy. His blood was take to the lab to know his blood group so they can donate blood for him before they move him to theatre for surgery. To my greatest surprise the doctor came out to meet me that the victim I brought is refusing blood donation after I have paid all bills. He said he is Jehovah witness and it is against his belief.I was dumbfounded. I was allowed in to see him. I try to convinced him to take the blood. He told me “ if he has to die let him die” that no blood will be infused in him. You can hear that from
the video.The doctor ask me to see if I can reach his family to discharge him because they can’t do nothing about it. God knows I have done my very best and played the role I was born for.
I have to wait for the family member to come. When he arrived I told him to handle it from where I stopped and gave him all bills I paid.
Jehovah witness people which way!
How did we get here?
Please i need to know how can someone on this condition still hold his ground and keep such faith.

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