Sex has always been one weapon that gets a man down faster than he can comprehend

By Onyeka Chiemelie

I fathom from research into antiquity that when a man is in absolute control of this aspect of life, he gains better traction and momentum with life. He makes better decisions without sentiment and can not be toyed with easily.

I will share briefly what I have deduced about this wonderful, emotional act.

I started my research from the Christian bible where most of us know about some of the not too laudable stories of renowned personalities who lost control of their dreams and ebbed into nothingness and shame because they allowed their pants go down quickly beneath the knee. I have always maintained when asked openly about issues concerning this subject, that sex is a leveler. It will humble you.

You lose more when you engage in that act with just every regular Joe or Chidinma. In Proverbs 31:3 (GNT) -Don’t spend all your energy on sex and all your money on women; they have destroyed Kings.

I need you to briefly ponder on that passage above and try to extrapolate as a young man what happens to you or your brand when you annex yourself with the wrong woman or the drama queen’s located in an open space as this. You literally lose everything.

I have personally seen a man lose his family and business because his trouser was always quick to obey ‘gravitational’ forces of nature . Zero self control game and it finished him. You lose more when you indulge without thinking. You must not sleep with everyone that gives you the opportunity to enter the place.

I have been on this subject for quite some time now because I think this was my biggest undoing with life during my teenage years. I was flippant with this act and I lost everything as far as I’m concerned and as I teach this subject using my life as a working example and tracing it with notable personalities in the sacred books, I try to help young warriors stay on course.

Sex, like religion is a tool and can be used to control actions and blackmail. One must be careful not to indulge in this act with just anybody. It houses thick emotional connection and can be used as a tool to subjugate and oppress as captured with what King Tonto the trending issue is doing at the moment with her ex- husband.

Samson was a man of great strength in the Christian bible.

The Philistines was completely afraid of him because of his bulk and presence. He was a physical representation of pulsating vigor and he gave a whole village, Israel some bragging rights.

He lost his life goals and his two eyes (Do you know the significance of the eye? – The eye represents vision and purpose) because he wandered in the loins of a dark, endless vacuum straight to his own hell. The eyes and his locks which are his natural selling points got lost.

His dreams was cut short and shortchanged because of ‘short time’ on Delilah’s waist. Sex undid him totally.

Your regular pastors and emotional healers know what I’m talking about. A moment pants down with the wrong person can cost you all you have lived and worked for.

Sex is not to be handled with kids glove at all. You weigh thoroughly your decisions critically and painstakingly and identify what is to be lost or gained if you entered the place with anyone. Sex is a big time leveller. A small gịrl will knock you openly on the head because she had juggled your scrotal sac in private. Think about that.

PS. No be every door wey open, you go enter!
Like Joseph, sometimes say no and walk away.

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