Nigerian lady calls out man for recording their sexual encounter, sharing video without her consent

A Nigerian lady has called out a man for allegedly recording their sexual encounter without her consent and went on to share the video.

The lady, Uche Nelo Umolu, an activist and founder of The Consent Workshop, said Mayowa Balogun, a talent manager, shared the around with his family and friends without her knowledge.

Nelo said she shared the story outrage after Mayowa went on Twitter to share it first so as to earn forgiveness from Twitter users.

She mentioned that before he went on Twitter to share his confession and ask for forgiveness from Twitter users, he did not reach out to her, who he offended, to ask her forgiveness.

Nelo said he had blocked her on every platform, yet took to Twitter to ask the people he didn’t offend for forgiveness just so that he will not be called out if/when she shares her story.

She added that his “confession” was manipulative and made to suit his own narrative. As a result, she decided to share her story herself.

Sharing her story, she said she made a decision to have consensual sex with Mayowa. However, during sex, while her back was turned, he allegedly filmed her and sent the video to his brother and friends.

She said when she asked him about it, he denied it. The following day, he gave her his phone to record him at a wedding and that’s when she saw a naked video of her that he had sent to three people.

When she confronted him about it, she said he manipulated her into forgiving him.

According to Nelo, when he suspected she might expose him on social media, he came out to share the story first to gain sympathy and forgiveness.

Read her story and his alleged confession below.

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