Widow cries out after boyfriend who has been sleeping with her nine-year-old daughter kicked her out of his house in Ibadan

A viral video of a widow and her six year old daughter pleading for help after they have been rendered homeless by a man who have been having sex with both mother and child for the past three years.

According to the widow, she said she met the man after her husband died, the man had promised to marry her so she decided to follow him to Ibadan.

She said since they arrived Ibadan, anytime she wanted to gl ut with jer daughter or send her on an errand the man will vehemently refuse insisting that she goes on the errand by herself, she also said that even if the item was something that coulld be purchased around he will insist that she she purchase it from a rather far place leaving the man and her daughter alone in the house.

The woman denied knowing that the man had been sleeping with her daughter saying that she recently discovered it after noticing that her daughter’s panties were always wet whenever she returned.

During the interview with the daughter, the daughter said that the mother knew that her boyfriend was having canal knowledge of her, the little girl said that sometimes he had sex with her in the presence of her mother amd if her mother tried to fight him off he’d beat her so the mom pretends to be sleeping while he’s having sex with her at night.

The daughter said they moved to Ibadan three years ago and the man has been having sex with her since the past theree years they moved to Ibadan