#Icantbreathe: Protesters in Philadelphia demand for the statue of Frank Rizzo to be taken down

Following the death of George Floyd by Derek Chauvin which led to protests across the United States, the citizens of Philadelphia in the United States of America has seized on the opportunity of the #Icantbreathe protests to demand for the statue of Frank Rizzo to be taken down.


As police commissioner, Frank Rizzo stopped hiring black cops. As mayor, he opposed public school desegregation. He told Philadelphias to “vote white” in his campaign for a third term. About anti-police protests, he once said, “I’ll make Attila the Hun look like a faggot”

The #phillyriots did do something. The Mayor after 3 years of promising to take it down finally said he’ll take down the statue in about a month. Let’s see if he holds that promise. For many Philadelphians, the Frank Rizzo statue is a symbol of oppression and brutality. So much so that many have called for its removal. Now protestors defaced it and tried to tear it down. It’s telling that it was one of the first places protesters raced to.

Later today, the statue is guarded by mounted Pennsylvania state troopers and Philadelphia police officers.

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