#Icantbreathe: Man who tried to attack protesters in Utah with a bow & arrow beaten and bruised

Brandon McCormick of Salt Lake City was filmed with a compound bow, he stopped at an intersection, he took out the weapon and aimed it at protesters.

Several protesters descended on McCormick and left him bloodied and bruised, they then flipped over his car and set it on fire.

McCormick said he yelled ‘All lives matter’ and was there to back up police
Salt Lake City mayor issued curfew and Utah governor deployed National Guard

‘First, I got beat up when I yelled “All Lives Matter”,’ McCormick told KSL-TV on Saturday.

‘Then I pulled out weapons and I got beat up some more.

‘The cops grabbed me and my car got totaled … I lost everything, coming down here to try to protect [officers] with what weapons I had.’

McCormick added: ‘I back up the law enforcement.

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