“I used to rape women until I met women stronger than me.” – CEO blingz Musik, Ogimex

The CEO of blingz music, Ogimex has narrated how he used to rape women till he met women who overpowered him and laid curses in him.

Ogimex gave the horrifying details of his rape activities in the comment section of a post that criticized the rape University of Benin student who was raped and murdered in a church building.

Ogimex comment reads….

When I was much younger I used to rape any lady that refuses me sex not until 1 day I jam lady gaga omor she strong die and almost cut my sick with her teeth… I tried to penetrate for were she was too powerful even though she was much older than I..

My second encounter of raoe again that I can recalled was with a lady i was stronger than omor I was at the edge of succeeding before she started laying curse on me, my head reset and I begged her to cancel curses of which she did… Since that day, I can’t think of rape again.

Instead of raping why not beg her she might give you… Pls shun rape, e no good, ya mama no go like hear am if police show.

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