#Icantbreathe: “When the looting starts, the shooting starts” – US President, Donald Trump reacts to protests following the killing of #GeorgeFloyd in Minnesota

The President can’t of the United States Donald Trump has reacted to the protests going on in Minnesota.

Ever since the video of former Police Officer, Derek Chauvin killing a Black man mamed George Floyd by kneeling on his for 8 minutes while trying to arrest him there’s been Nationwide ‘I can’t breathe’ protests.

The protests which have now taken a violent turn as people were seen looting shops an setting some buildings in the city ablaze.

The mayor of Minneapolis asked the state National Guard to move in after protests over the death of George Floyd escalated Wednesday night with a fatal shooting, widespread looting, fires and the police deployment of tear gas.

“I cannot risk the safety of innocent people and so that is what I’ve been sworn to uphold and that is what I am dedicated to do,” Mayor Jacob Frey told NBC affiliate KARE. “We can have both things. We can have peaceful demonstrations, but I also have to ensure the safety of everyone in the city.”

Trump also tweeted that if things are not kept under control, he’ll invite the National guard and let the job done stating that the city of Minneapolis will not be destroyed under his watch.

When the lootimg starts, the shooting starts, Trump tweeted.

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