Ex SWAT officer puts his semen on the pastries his wife made for her students

An ex SWAT officer is accused of putting his semen on pastries which his teacher wife then allegedly served to her students.
The horrific details came out after Cynthia, 35, and Dennis Perkins, 44, were brought to court for divorce proceedings last year, but never actually made it into the courtroom.

The couple from Livingston Parish, Louisiana, are accused of more than 70 criminal charges each, including rape, sexual battery, video voyeurism, mingling harmful substances, obscenity and producing child abuse images.
Dennis Perkins also faces further allegations of rape and sexual abuse of an animal that do not involve his partner.

Now they also face a series of civil suits regarding the alleged cupcake incidents.

At least one parent at Cynthia Perkins’s former school told WBRZ last year, she met with the Attorney General’s Office after her child was identified eating the contaminated food on two different occasions.
“This was so disgusting and sick,” the parent told the station, wishing not to be named to protect their child.
“My child was an innocent victim in their cruel, sick games they played. The hurt from this is beyond imaginable.”

Four different civil lawsuits filed since November allege that Dennis put semen into a batch of cupcakes that Cynthia then intentionally served to her students. The lawsuits allege that in addition to giving their daughter cupcakes, Cynthia showed the minor explicit pictures.

Dennis, meanwhile, was head of the SWAT team at the sheriff’s office, where he had been working since 2002. According to authorities, he threw his cellphone off a bridge shortly before getting arrest in an attempt to destroy incriminating evidence. “It is a sad day for us, for all law enforcement officers, when you arrest one of your own,” Sheriff Jason Ard said in a statement following Dennis’s arrest. “I do not condone these alleged acts. I am disappointed. I have always considered Denny a friend and a family member.”

Cynthia and Dennis Perkins are currently being held without bond. A trial date is yet to be announced.

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