So Cynthia Morgan lied & the dangers of a single story

It’s becoming a fact that most women weaponize their feminine fragility and use their sexuality to destroy men.

Seeing the tears and weeping of Cynthia Morgan in the first Instagram live video she had with Sydney Tucker, you will believe her first and shoot her former producer Jude Okoye at first sight.

Despite Jude pleading that he is innocent of all the accusations made against him by Cynthia Morgan and even appeared on Tunde Ednut’s live video saying that he did not stop Cynthia fro using her stage nae ‘Cynthia Morgan’ starng that there was nothing like that in the contract yet nobody believed him.

Cynthia’s former manager, Joy Tongo released a statement saying that Jude is innocent and as a matter of fact, Cynthia is the one owing Jude yet nobody believed till Jude had no choice but to release the contract statement that Cynthia signed with his record label, Northside Entertainment.

How many innocent men are languishing in prison or lost their jobs because of false tears and weeping of scornful women who used rape allegations as a missile against those men?

What if that contract document was destroyed by a fire or couldn’t be found, who would’ve believed that Jude is innocent?

Who would’ve believed that Jude did not stop the dance hall sensation from using her stage name ‘Cynthia Morgan’?

All Cynthia was trying to do was rebrand her self and step back into the music scene, she had to use her feminity and sexuality as a woman to achieve that.

Remember May D who was formerly signed  on the record label tried what Cynthia did few years ago by claiming he was maltreated by the Okoye Brothers and Northside Entertainment record label but nobody paid attention to him because he is a man.

Cynthia comes on social media crying and playing the victim and boom….. Davido has offered to do a music collaboration with her, a go fund me page was opened to raise funds for her and even one of the Nigerian banks offered her an endorsement deal.

Amy Cooper a high-end Bank executive called Police on a black man falsely accusing him of threatening her life, even when the man was many feet away from her, and simply demanded she comply by a standard safety rule. She even cried while talking to Police on the phone.

Angela Confidential in her book “Destroy A Man Now (DAMN)” she wrote several ways a woman can weaponize her sexuality and seeming feminine fragility to garner public sympathy and court of public opinion in her favour in order to demolish the reputation and person of any man.

A woman will cry and swear with her womb, and still be lying about sucking her boss’s dick. Don’t believe her, brother trust your instincts. If you see the moves, believe it don’t mind her tears and denials.

If you believe a woman against another man, you are empowering her to deploy more of her tears and fragility against other innocent men. Don’t believe her until you hear from the other side, you could be saving a man’s life.