Jude Okoye releases the contract he signed with Cynthia Morgan

Music executive, Jude Okoye has released a copy of the contract his record label, Northside Entertainment, signed with Cynthia Morgan.

This is coming days after Cynthia in a live Instagram interview accused Jude of ruining her music career.

The dancehall singer had accused Jude of many things including taking over her Instagram and VEVO accounts and also stopping her from using the stage name Cynthia Morgan.

Jude since addressed the allegations, denying ever blocking Cynthia from using the stage name, saying that she personally decided to change her name to ‘Madrina’.

Okoye also said that the songstress still had access to her social media account two years after leaving the label.

However, the artist manager affirmed that he took over her VEVO account to recover the money she owing him. He couldn’t recover his investments in the singer because she left the record label before her contract expired.

Jude had earlier said he will make the contract available to the public. He also revealed the contract was written by Cynthia and her manager Joy Tongo. Joy has since affirmed Jude’s statement.

Cynthia had also claimed the contract made her lose her name, Instagram account, royalties and VEVO account.

However, Jude has countered her claims and made the contract available to the public.

The contract which was signed in October 2013, ran for 4 years and had a 2 year option renewal. It also had a 50-50 sharing formula.

Also, considering that Cynthia was a new artist at the time, Northside agreed to put up 100 per cent of the expense of which 50 would be deducted from the Morgan’s earnings.

Jude and Joy Tongo had earlier said Cynthia walked away from the record label without completing the tenure of the contract, and the management didn’t seek redress from a court of law.

Cynthia, who has been free since then still decided to blame the duo for her career misfortune.

The contract below shows Cynthia Morgan omitted a lot of truth during her interview.