Sabbath Church denies fetish woman whose shrine was disguised as a church

A member of the Sabbath Church has disassociated themselves from a woman who was reportedly caught making incantations dressed in a white garment in a shrine.

The United Voice of Sabbath Churches of Nigeria (UVSCN) in Anambra State, an umbrella body of Sabbath churches, dissociated themselves from the woman in Agulu, Anaocha council of the state, after she was caught by residents of the area making incantations dressed in a white garment inside a shrine prohibited to women in a manner akin to Sabbath worshippers’s style.

The residents had, on sighting her at the shrine, raised the alarm, and youths in the area invaded her residence and reportedly destroyed the fetish items discovered there.

But the church said the woman had no Sabbath identity.

Spokesman of the body, Rev Arinze Chukwuka, at a briefing, said, “The general public should stop linking the woman with Sabbath worship because she has no identity as a Sabbath observer nor operate a Sabbath Church.

“I led a team of clergy assigned to investigate the incident following a barrage of publications in social media and local radio stations but after interrogating her, she confessed she is a traditionalist not a Sabbatharian priest.

“The members of the public are warned that Sabbath Churches are Sabbath observers who believe in the Ten Commandments of God and everybody who reads the Bible knows that the first of the Commandments is that people should not worship other gods in any form like wooden images.

The woman couldn’t have been a Sabbath observer because she believes and worships wooden images as seen in her house.”

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