Nigerians react as children of Northen (Arewa) elite flaunt their wealth on twitter

It all started when Capt_Awwal who is currently trending on Twitter casually posted these Beautiful Photos with 2 Of his dads Rolls Royces.

The post started trending was when a Twitter user asked him “So your dad has 2 Rolls Royces?” He then causally replied, “Nah it’s 3” then another twitter user who had gone through his other photos now chipped in saying “He even has 3 BMW’s” then Awwal casually firedback saying Point of correction it’s 7 BMW’s.

This sparked a wide reaction among Nigerians on twitter as the North accounts for the highest number of people living below the poverty line.

As of today, there are over seven million child beggars popularly known as Almajiris roaming the streets of Northern Nigeria.

How could a region who accounts for the wealthiest people in the country also have a high poverty rate, high marternal mortality, illiteracy and terrorism?

The mostly poor north keep voting their fathers into power. Supporting them because of religion. Demanding nothing from them. Grooming their kids to vote for their kids.

Wealth trapped in a tiny percentage of elite northerners.

“They always speak negatively of Arewa. Today they have seen they don’t know what money is” An Arewa wrote

Don’t show us your rolls royce. Brag with your maternal mortality rates. Brag with your kids in school percentage. Brag with doctor to people ratio (in zamfara it is one doctor to 14,000 people). Brag with your jamb scores. Brag with your infant mortality rate. Show us the roads you can drive the rolls Royce on. Oh wait, terrorists have made sure you All live in Abuja now abi?

Very very sad. Because the north is truly mostly poor. That is the truth.

How Nigerians reacted:

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