Appointments, contracts may be cancelled as Buhari ‘probes’ late Abba Kyari’s office

President Muhammadu Buhari has reportedly authorised the probe into the office of his late chief of staff, Abba Kyari.

According to the Guardian, the investigation may lead to all appointments and approvals made by the late CoS without the President’s permission being cancelled.

The report states that there are indications that the President may have directed his new Chief of Staff, Ibrahim Gambari, to cancel all appointments and approvals made by Kyari without his permission.

The Guardian reports that no less than 150 memos without the President’s authorization may have been uncovered.

According to the reports, the directive might just be a continuation of the bickering that produced a deep crack within the ranks of the president’s men last February, and the power block that produced the new Chief of Staff might be the force fighting back.

Contracts okayed without Buhari’s approval may also be cancelled and those, and trouble looms for those who cut illegal deals with the late CoS.

Kyari, according to reports, had his hand in every pie, because he was “leveraging his sound education, brilliant intellect and experience in bureaucracy and business.”

Kyari, who died weeks ago after battling coronavirus in a Lagos hospital, was known as de facto president and frontline field commander of the so-called cabal.

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