Fans set up ‘go fund me’ for Cynthia Morgan

A fund raising campaign has been launched for Nigerian singer, Cynthia Morgan, who has been missing in action in the music scene.

Morgan used to be popular reggae / dancehall artist before she disappeared from radar some years back.

The singer later reappeared briefly in 2018 with a song, while changing her stage name from Cynthia Morgan to ‘Madrina’ as part of her efforts to rebrand.

Then she went off again an resurfaced in March 2020 and sharing why she has been absent in the entertainment industry.

In a chat with Sydney Shocker on ‘LunchTime Friday‘ Morgan, whose looks has seriously changed, disclosed that she was down with a terrible illness and had a lot of family issues to deal with.

“Its been like a roller coaster for me. I took ill, I was really sick. When I changed my name, I had a lot of family issues. I had like a breakdown. So it was really hard for me. I actually went back to the studio but I wasn’t done, I still had to come back,” she said.

Now a Gofundme has been created with aim of bringing her back the one time ‘rude gal’ to the music industry.

The fundraiser was launched on Saturday night by Sandra Ogbebor, who says she runs a mental, emotional, and psychological health awareness program.

According to the information on the Gofundme account, Cynthia Morgan, has since relocated to Benin city, Edo state, after recovering from sickness.

The singer is said to have finished all her savings on medical bills and fell into deep depression. She decided to move to home state to hide away from the embarrassment.

She said to have taken ill shortly after her contract with her music label was terminated due to some legal issues.

The artist is said to have some unreleased songs that with cash she bounce back into the music scene immediately.

They are targeting to raise at least $150,000 for Cynthia Morgan through the crowdfunding platform to launch back her music career.

Before missing in action, Cynthia had dropped some hit songs including “I’m taken” “German juice” and “Simati Niya”

Cynthia had appeared on Instagram live chat with Sandra on Friday where she shared some of her current situation. Watch a clip below to see the new Cynthia.

The Raggae dancehall artiste revealed that her contract with her music label ended due to some legal issues and shortly after that she took ill, realized she was not recovering and had to relocate to Benin to cut medical costs. An illness that nearly claimed her life.

She spent well over a year in recovery, by the time it was over she had finished all her savings from music on hospital bills. She fell into deep depression, refused to share her pain with anyone and decided to hide away in Benin city, broken and embarrassed.

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