Pastor Joshua Iginla finally ties the knot with his baby mama

Nigerian billionaire clergyman, Prophet Joshua Iginla finally remarries after divorcing estranged wife, Yemisi.

Joshua Iginla, who is the General Overseer of Champions Royal Assembly, Abuja, had in March 2019 personally announced the end of his marriage to Yemisi, who is alleged to have remarried in the United States of America.

However, those in the know say Yemisi married for ‘green card’ reasons while still married to the clergy man. Some hinted that the wedding was arranged and sponsored by her rich husband, Joshua Iginla.

According to a statement made available to the media and bloggers by one of the cleric’s media handlers on Wednesday night, Prophet Iginla has finally divorced his wife over alleged infidelity and has moved on permanently with his new wife, a prophetess whom we learnt has been a source of peace and happiness to him.

Yemisi had in a Facebook video, denied the allegation of infidelity and called on God to vindicate her.

The Abuja-based seer, who is arguably one of the richest prophets globally with acquisition of private jets, mega parishes across the world and ultra-modern buildings home and abroad, didn’t just emerge as an influential and successful man, there are several mind-blowing stories behind his success.

During a birthday celebration, he gave out 32 cars and another 22 vehicles. If one is to count the number of cars the man of God has given out, it would be over 200; for someone who had nothing when he started out.

Surprisingly, Joshua Iginla has given out houses, landed properties, cash gifts, to the desolate, the needy, widows and placed over 200 people on lifetime salary.

The Nollywood movie industry will not forget him for his magnanimity towards actors and actresses. He has given many of them cars, paid hospital bills for several, presented houses to a few and placed some on life-time salary.

For now, Yemisi has full custody of their three children and the four reside in the United States.

BTW, Stella produced two kids for the prophet years ago.

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