The Times UK use picture of black boys to depict that more White people consume cocaine

The times reported Britain as the cocaine capital of Europe on May 16th, but being racist they used the picture of a group of young black boys saying that drill music video glorifies violence.

Looking at the graph in the article, the Whites are the predominant Ethnic group who use cocaine.

One can only wonder why they decided to use the pucture of a group of young Black boys.

The racial profiling of Blacks and associating them with crime violence and drugs is very common in Europe and America.

I wonder if a research was conducted to know the kind of music that the 90% of White people who consume cocaine listen to.

Now following a public outcry, they changed the images. To whites doing drug? No. They posted the drugs alone and began to talk about education.

The Times have pulled down the photo after the complaint…but it still fell short because instead of posting the race that consumed it the most, they just just a photo of cocaine.