Rant Hq owner, Suzan Ade Coker under fire for calling Ndi’Igbo senseless

The owner of facebook group Rant Hq is currently under fire after she made a post in the group referring to the igbos as irresponsible.

The group with over 1.5 million followers is currently trending on facebook as a lot of the members who are Igbos have reported a the group and taken their exit.

Suzan who is also an ambassadors to NCDC is likely to have her ambassadorial appointment revoked as pressure is being mounted on the NCDC to do the needful.

Suzan Ade Coker who was once accused by one Mr. Segun Ogunyeye of using the Rant Hq group to perpetuate fraud is yet to reply to the accusations.

One Comment on “Rant Hq owner, Suzan Ade Coker under fire for calling Ndi’Igbo senseless”

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