Nigeria has no shame- PSN condemns importation of Covid Organics from Madagascar

The Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN) condemns Buhari administration importation of herbal concoction called COVID Organics (CVO) from #Madagascar.

Sam Ohuabunwa, PSN President, in a strongly worded statement on Tuesday, declared that Nigeria displayed that it has no shame.

Noting that the body was not against any drug that is proven to cure COVID-19 or any other disease, but is totally appalled that Nigeria is about to spend its scarce foreign exchange.

Even if we are not going to pay for this, it is thoroughly disgraceful that a country that should be the leader of Africa, with the largest GDP will allow itself to be dragged this low”, Ohuabunwa noted.

He pointed out that Nigeria has about 174 Universities (43 Federal, 52 State and 79 private), 20 Faculties of Pharmacy and about 69 Federal-Funded Research Institutes (including National Institute for Pharmaceutical Research & Development and the National Institute for Medical Research) while Madagascar has only 6 Universities, 1 Faculty of Pharmacy and 9 Research Centers.

Ohuabunwa insisted Nigeria has some of the best scientists (Pharmaceutical, Medical, Biochemical, Biological etc.) in the world who have done so much work on herbal and natural medicines.

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