Anambra residents invade truck conveying alcoholic beverage after it fell by roadside (Video)



When it comes to drinking beer, most Nigerians can never practice social distancing, let alone when the alcoholic beverage came for free.

And it happened in Anambra state that a truck conveying crates of beer fell on the roadside and tasty men rushed to the scene.

A now viral video shows men on duty Ekwulobia roundabout making no bottle of beer was left with any liquid content.

While some were seen carting away bottles of drinks, others consumed theirs at spot…no time to wait.

The incident reportedly happened on Friday while the truck was on its way to an unknown destination with the drinks.

In the video clip, many of the residents can be seen besieging the scene of the incident trying to make away with bottles that still contain content.

Some of them can also be seen packed together no minding the government’s physical distancing directive aimed at combating spread of the coronavirus pandemic in the country.

The development comes at about the same time when there are growing concerns over the rising cases of the disease in the country.

So far, Nigeria has 3,912 cases of the virus with 117 deaths recorded while 679 patients have been discharged after treatment.

However, there is no COVID-19 case in Anambra as the only patient in the state has since been discharged.

Watch the video below:


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