Digital Ogbanje, Angela Nwosu cancels fertility treatment plan for couples after it was revealed that she was childless for 8 years

Controversial facebook celebrity, Angela Nwosu is famously known as Digital Ọgbanje encountered a stumbling block in her online voodoo business.

Angela who is famously known for fortifying blue eyes and preparing goodluck charm for people decided to try out a new business venture.

On the 5th of May the Digital Ọgbanje wrote on her Facebook page that she will be starting a new fertility treatment for couples who want to have children stating that no woman is barren.

A lot of people had already queued up for the treatment but what they did not know is that, Angela who is from Nnewi in Anambra State had been married to one Andrew Amandi Ononammadu for eight years without having any child.

According to sources Angela ran out of her matrimonial home and even till date, the marriage has not been officially dissolved despite her being married to movie producer, Emeka Soundmind in September 2019.

Angela who had always kept her first marriage secret quickly backtracked and canceled the planned fertility treatment (see screen shot above) after a journalist, Francess wrote a Facebook post stating that she should use the fertility treatment on herself and have a child before helping others.