Sen. Ifeanyi Ubah owing his employees 8 months salary despite spending millions on #COVID19 palliatives

Senator Ifeanyi Ubah has been accused of not paying salaries of his employees while distributing COVID-9 palliatives worth millions of naira Anambra state.

The lawmaker and businessman had recently embarked on giveaway in the 21 local government areas of stat.
The senator had taken to Twitter on Saturday to announce the distribution in a series of tweets.

“To the glory of God, as part of measures to alleviate the hardship and cushion the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic ravaging my people, I have commenced the distribution of palliatives to the good people of Anambra across the 21 Local Government Areas in our state,” he wrote.

“I am aware that this is a deeply unsettling and difficult time for my people as the disruption of their daily sources of livelihood and economic activities have incurred a huge and devastating impact on their ability to meet their most basic needs.

“This necessitates the need to combine public health efforts with palliative measures so as to prevent hunger/food insecurity from creating further health and social challenges in our state.

However, the senator representing Anambra South and CEO of Capital Oil and Gas, has been accused of robbing Peter to pay Paul.
According to SaharaReporters, his workers said they were currently being owed salaries for months and up to two years.

“We are owed salaries for eight months now,” his staff was quoted as saying.

“We are suffering and he is busy showing off on Twitter all because he wants to be governor,” he said.

Another worker said, “I doubt if he has good advisers.

“He should try to pay off the over 1450 people working with him, most of whom he has owed salaries and wages for more than two years.”

A staff of Authority Newspaper, a media outfit owned by Ubah, said they now borrowed money from family and friends to survive.

“My publisher, Ifeanyi Ubah, hasn’t paid us in months, if not years. We now depend on people to survive.

“Let’s not go near Capital Oil and his other companies, including his media group.

“I saw him advertising the distribution of palliatives to 21 LGAs in his state because he wants to be a governor, very sad,” he said.

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