“Please save me, I want to come back home” – Nigerian lady trafficked to Oman cries out for help (VIDEO)

A Nigerian lady named Oluwatosin has cried out from an unknown location in Oman, calling for help to be returned back home.

The young lady, who spoke in Yoruba,  said she is from Ondo state and was tricked into going to Oman by a travel agent, who initially promised her that she was heading to United States where a job and other good things awaited her.

In a video she shared, the young lady said her agent abandoned her at a office upon arrival at Oman where her passport and other personal items were confiscated.

According to her, she was immediately dispatched to work as domestic help and shop attendant for a man, who subjected her to all forms of abuse including sexual harassment.

“Good afternoon Nigerians. My name is Oluwatosin. I am a Nigerian from Ondo state. I am speaking from Oman,” she said.

“When I was leaving Nigeria, the agreement I had with my agent was to go to the US to work. I had no job after I finished my NCE program, that was why I chose to travel.

“My agent said he would help me secure a job in the United States but all of a sudden everything changed and we were brought to Oman, myself and one other lady. I don’t know what happened.

“When we got to the airport in Oman, two people came to pick us. They took us to an office, when we got there, they took our passports and everything on us including our phones. They took us to where we would work.

“When I got to the workplace, my boss started threatening me and frustrating me. For the first four months that I worked there, he didn’t pay my salary, he didn’t give me any money.

“When I called my agent, he said he had played his part and none of that was his problem anymore and he has stopped picking my calls ever since.

“Later, my boss was threatening me and insisting I sleep with him, I told him I couldn’t. My job is very stressful, I wake up as early as 4am and I don’t go back to bed until it’s 1am.

“So, he started threatening me that if I don’t do what he wants, he will kill me. I said I was not working again and that they should return me to my country.

“They took me back to the office we were first taken to upon arrival at Oman. They started shouting at us when we got there. They took us to a room and locked us up for a whole week without food or water. Most of us drank toilet water for a whole week before we were taken back to work.

“After they took us back, I have spent one year and two months with him. I am ill. I told my boss to let me go back to my county, he said I can’t go back.

“Nigerians please help me, I want to come back home. Nigerians please save me, I am sick and my boss said I can’t go home.

“My number is 96892544763. Nigerians please save me, don’t let me die in Oman.”

Watch her video:

This is not the first time that Nigerian ladies trafficked to Arabian countries would be crying out for help after being dehumanized in those countries.

In recent months several young ladies have found themselves in similar situations despite warnings not to patronizing travel agents, who promise greener pastures in foreign lands.

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