#Covid19 isolation center in Kogi state destroyed by rain three hours after completion

Few weeks ago, Governor Yahaya Bello  of Kogi state was asked about the necessary measures he has put to curb the spread of the corona virus in the state and facilities that has been put in place to cater to patients who might contract the virus,.

The governor replied saying that there is no single case of corona virus in the state and there is an application that has been put in place to monitor the spread of the virus, it turned out that the state only had a website that talked about the virus and the said website was barely functional.

the truth is, no test has been done on anyone in Kogi state so everyone is living their lives normally. No test, no case.

Yahaya  Bello then decided to put up a tent like others, presented it as Kogi isolation centre built by his government.

No bed, no medical personnel, no nothing, just a party tent covered, pictures taken to be shared online.

Three hours after completion, there was a  heavy rainfall and here lies the mobile app controlled Kogi Isolation Centre built by Yahaya Bello.

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