#COVID19: Chief Medical Director at Yaba centre tests positive, Bauchi Governor approves chloroquine for treatment, other updates



Dr Bowale Abimbola, the Chief Medical Director at the Infectious Disease Hospital, Yaba, Lagos, has reportedly tested positive for Coronavirus.

According to SaharaReporters, Dr Abimbola is presently being treated in one of the wards in the hospital.

“Yes, he is positive, that’s why you haven’t seen him in public unlike before. It was even Dr Nifemi Bella Oloniniyi that received honourable members of Lagos State House of Assembly during their visit to our facility. I was told he had a meeting with someone who later showed symptoms of COVID-19, so his samples were immediately taken for test and his results returned positive last week,” a source told SaharaReporters

Dr Abimbola was actively involved in managing the Italian man who was the Index case of COVID19 in Lagos state.

Meanwhile, the Bauchi state governor, Bala Mohammed, says he has authorised the use of chloroquine as a medication for the treatment of coronavirus.

Mohammed, who was the COVID-19 index case in the state, said he was treated with “chloroquine and Zithromax.”

The governor, who disclosed this while providing an update on COVID-19 in the state, at the Government House, Bauchi, said he would take responsibility for any consequences of approving such drugs.

“Our medical team is using their own ingenuity to use chloroquine and Zithromax to treat the patients, even though in some places, they said it is against the protocol,” he said.

“As the governor, I’m taking responsibility for that because I don’t want anyone to die.

Addressing the health officials directly, Mohammed said, “I have given you the directive that you must use something that I have used to get well, just as you have used for all other cases that got well.

“Rather than saying that something is harmful, we should not follow what the white people are saying by not taking anything and die.

“We are used to taking chloroquine in Nigeria. We are going to use them. We have taken responsibility and I have taken responsibility.

“Zithromax and chloroquine are not harmful to our body, our physiological system has adapted to it. If you are having a fever you take chloroquine.”

He said it was for the reason of using the said drugs that Bauchi has not recorded any death.

“Nobody is affected with any serious distress in Bauchi, even though now we are going to be tested with the 23 cases.”

The Bauchi governor also rejected any total lockdown of the state.

Mohammed’s statement on chloroquine adds to the global debate on the appropriateness of recommending the drug.

Also, a group of researchers in Edo state say they have produced a herbal drug “specifically for the treatment of COVID-19”.

Pax Herbal Clinic and Research Laboratories said the drug, named CVD PLUS, contains herbs and other constituents that “can stimulate antibody production against coronavirus related diseases”.

“Paxherbals has developed a novel drug, called CVD PLUS, specifically for the treatment of COVID-19. Pax CVD PLUS contains herbs and active phytoconstituents with documented scientific formulations of Paxherbals over the past 25 years for the treatment of hepatitis C, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, bronchitis, pneumonia and malaria,” the laboratory said in a statement on Wednesday.

“Some bio-active constituents of CVD PLUS are potential antiviral agents and immunomodulatory agents that can stimulate antibody production against coronavirus related diseases.”

The laboratory, which claims it was established in 1996 “for the promotion, development and proper utilisation of African medicine,” said representatives of some federal government agencies including the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) were involved in the process of the production.

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