Caroline Danjuma denies that her son tested positive for #Covid19


Caroline Danjuma has denied that her son tested positive for the COVID-19, adding that no member of her family had the virus.

The celebrity also said she isolated the child upon his arrival from London and called the NCDC for tests in line with the government’s directives.

She stated, “An innocent child! Should I call my son to tell you that Oyin is trying to blackmail him to extort money from his parents? My son is negative; we are all negative.

“Oyin does not work in the house. She orders people around. She is rude. I just cannot stay with her. She is not the only one working for me. I still have others. All others are still working for me and I am paying them.

“If she has COVID-19, is Lagos State not providing for her? You have COVID-19 and you are abusing me, are you possessed? You are saying all sorts of nonsense about me.

“Oyin started working with me on March 12 and she started showing some signs. She was always looking tired. You tell her to climb the staircase and she is breathing heavily. She later said she had ulcer.

“When somebody has gone through marital woes, all she needs is not to work for anybody. She needs a psychologist to tell her that the world is not against her.”

Danjuma added that less than a week after her employment, she paid Oyindamola N30,000 as part of her salary, wondering why she would think the money was a gift.

She also said she bought drugs for all her workers, including the COVID-19 survivor.

She added, “My children came back on March 23. I told the doctor to come and test them and they tested me as well. It was not because of anything. They were not sick. I took everybody for the test.

“Oyin has never been proud of working for me. She tells people I am her friend. She tells other workers that whenever I am not around, she is the boss. She wants to control them.

“I know how much I spent feeding three adults, who I don’t really need in my house, and the kids. I have tried. This woman is the most ungrateful soul I have seen. When she tested positive, I called an ambulance and I ensured that the estate did not know about it so that she is not stigmatised.

“She stayed in the main house and shared a room with the other girl. I was calling to check up on her and pray with her while in isolation. Then one day, she called and said she wanted to be paid. And I blasted her. And before you know it, she said she contracted COVID-19 in my house.

“I was surprised and I said which son? It was at that point that I went off on her.”

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