My mother irons my breast everyday to protect me – 10-year-old Mirabel

For most children, their birthday is a time of celebration. But that was not the case for Mirabel when she turned 10.

For Mirabel, turning 10 marked the start of gruelling daily torture – having her breasts ironed with hot stones by her mother. Every morning, as she wakes a

neighbour from the community where she lives in Ogoja, in Nigeria’s southeastern Cross River State, holds her legs firmly in place while her mother takes a burning hot pestle straight from the fire and

presses it against her daughter’s chest in an attempt to protect her daughter. From man noticing that she is growing breast already and start following her up

When we questioned the mother, she said she doesn’t regret it. She gave the following reasons for doing it.

Girls who undergo the procedure risk issues like breast cancer, cysts and an inability to breastfeed, not to mention the physical and psychological scars associated with the custom,” said Gambo, who has

counselled a number of victims of the practice. “It’s time families put an end to such abuse.” What is your opinion on this? Is it right for a mother to iron her daughter’s breast just to make her unattractive to men?


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