“Nobody loved their daddy more than Me” Ozinna pens down heartfelt tribute to late dad, Willie Anumudu

Ozinna Anumudu, daughter of the late Chief Willie Anumudu has taken to social media to write a tribute for her late dad

The billionaire Globe Motors boss died on the morning of Tuesday, April 21, after a brief illness, and Ozinna took to Instagram to share photos they’ve taken over the years.

Sharing the photos, she wrote;

“Daddy’m…. biko o, ka’m ju gi….are you really not going to walk me down the aisle ? Or sing Ada Ada to me every blessed morning ? Or tell me how I’m ten million daughters in one? Surely… you have plans to hug me again…? and tell me why I’m the most beautiful girl in the world?

My dad gasped and told me how beautiful I was, every single day. Daddy, will I hear you scream ZinZin like the happiest man in the world, again? I honestly don’t know how you expect me to do this life thing without you… but you always told me I’m the toughest person you know – so here’s me being that woman you raised. I haven’t shed a tear yet, probably because I do not think you’ve left me – you’ve only just transitioned from my eternal boyfriend to my forever guardian angel. My Real Life Super Hero. My SuperMan. I’m the textbook version of a Daddy’s Girl. Nobody loved their daddy more than Me. Absolutely Nobody. No father adored their daughter more than you did me. No contest. We were always in first place. We were the perfect duo. We completed each other (gulp, don’t let your wife read this part) I promise to keep being the female version of you. My Mummy is doing well, I’ve got her back forever – and my brothers are staying strong; being the great men you molded them into. Until I can have one final dance with you, I’ll be here waiting, being your forever baby girl.

Ada Globe.

Ada Willie.


Zin Zin.